Venkatagiri Layout is located parallel to railway line connecting Mysore with Nanjangud. Ring Road is just 1.2 km away from the layout. Airport is at 3 km distance. The layout is surrounded by well-developed MUDA approved layouts

  • A total of 25 numbers of sites.
  • Well-developed network of asphalt roads of width not less than 30 feet for cross roads and 60 feet for main roads.
  • Open drains laid on the either sides of the roads to carry storm water with proper level maintenance at the junctions to prevent water stagnation.
  • Culverts constructed with concrete cover slabs of thickness minimum 23 cm to withstand heavy loads.
  • Effective rain water harvesting for groundwater recharge.
  • Connection for water supply, sewage and electricity to individual sites.
  • Overhead tanks and ground level reservoirs for ample storage of water.
  • ISI Standard HDPE pipes of class PE 100 for water distribution network.
  • Glazed stoneware pipes for sanitary lines and standard table moulded bricks for the construction of manholes.
  • Adoption of DEWATS technology for the treatment of sewage generated in the layout.
  • A well planned electrical network with poles, street lights and transformers.
  • Provision of enough lung space through beautiful and aesthetic parks with contemporary design.
  • Plantation of about 38 plants of different varieties on either sides of the road.
  • The layout plan is approved by MUDA.

    Black Top Roads

    Roads are laid with "Wet Mix Macadam" (WMM) of highest quality which is usually used for highways.

    Thickness: The wet-mix macadam is laid and compacted. Compaction of the road is done by 8 to 10 ton vibratory roller and after compaction, the thickness of the wet-mix macadam will be 150mm and above this 30mm mix seal is laid. Even though roads with "Wet Mix Macadam" technology are expensive, it is used as it is durable, strong, time-efficient.

    Mixing: Bitumen is primarily used for paving the roads. The mixing of Bitumen is done at a temperature of 160 degree Celsius and then laid out to ensure quality, durability & reliablity.

    Proper camber is provided to drain out the rain water. Also Road Surface Marking is done.


    Built with concrete cover slabs of minimum 23 cms thickness to sustain class 70R loads.

    Water Supply

    We are committed to facilitate the entire water supply network using state-of-the-art products that sets the industry standards. This consists of over head tanks, underground level tanks and distribution networks. For the over head tanks we have used the new technology called 'MY ONE' shuttering which gives a very good quality finish and speedy construction. For distribution networks we are using HDPE pipes instead of PVC pipes of ISI quality PE100 strength. Though it is expensive when compared to PVC, the strength and life is more than PVC. Pipes are joined by 'FUSIONING' method to prevent water leakage at joints. Hydraulic pressure test is conducted to check the leakage in pipe and also the velocity of water.The layout has got Over Head Tank which is of 10Lakh litre capacity.

    Storm water Drains & Rain Water Harvesting

    Box/V-shaped granite/Open-drains are constructed throughout the layout. Proper levels are maintained at every junction of drains to avoid stagnation.

    Urbanization and industrialization have put extreme pressure on natural water system and their related eco systems. We are committed to design the network for effective rain water harvesting that not only meets resident's needs, but also prevent flooding,restore nature's water.

    Sanitary Works

    Glazed Stoneware ISI pipes which is of 200mm dia is used for main sanitary lines and 150mm dia is used for distribution lines. Smoke Test is conducted to detect the leakage in joints of the stoneware pipes. First class Indian-TBM are soaked in water for 8 hours and then used for construction to avoid absorption of water in the Cement Mortar. (Because of Lime content present in the Brick). Minimum depth of Manhole is 1.5m to avoid back flushing of sewer.

    Electrical Network

    The minutest details have been taken care of. Before laying the roads, pipes are laid across the road to provide underground electricity connections to each site. For electrification purpose, the transformers of the required capacity are installed throughout the layout and a well designed electrical network with poles,transformers,street lights to the entire layout is completed.

    Sewage Treatment Plant

    DEWAT Technology (Decentralized Wastewater Treatment) We understand that your sewage treatment needs are both unique and of the highest priority.Our layout is self-sufficient to treat wastewater which is reused for Parks and Plantations, the remaining water is diverted to water drains. Sewage is treated by DEWAT technology. Most important parts of the system work without technical energy inputs and cannot be switched off intentionally.

    Utility Connections

    Each site is provided with individual connection for water, sewage and electricity to avoid road defacement in future. And also the residents are benefited with PLUG & PLAY concept.

    Advantages of DEWATS Technology

  • Tolerant towards inflow fluctuations.
  • Reliable and long-lasting construction design.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Eco-friendly and also Odourless since its constructed in closed canopy.
  • We are the only developers maintaining plantations professionally since eight years with professional maintenance, security personnel’s and plantation teams.

    Parks :

    Parks are designed and developed with different concepts by well know landscape architects, comprising of several rare varieties of ornamental floral & fruit bearing trees, medicinal plants, shelter trees etc., A dedicated nursery has been setup to facilitate the park’s needs and to incubate several rare species of medicinal and ornamental plants.

    Around 2194 saplings are planted along the roadside also in front of individual sites.

    We are the only developers who is mentioning the plantation very professionally since 8 yrs., deputed professional maintenance, security personnel’s, plantation team.

    Total Park area developed: 1,20,000 Sq.ft

    House Connections

    Each Site is provided with Individual connections of Water, Electricity & Sanitary to avoid road defacement during construction. And also the residents are benefited with PLUG & PLAY concept.

  • Water Supply: Each Site is provided with 25mm High density polyethylene(HDPE) pipes from sub header.
  • Electricity: Individual Connection is provided through 75mm dia of 6 kg/cm2 PVC pipe.
  • Sanitary: Each site is provided with utility Chamber of brick masonry/FRP (Fiber Re In Forced Plastic) connected with 100mm diameter to the main sewer line.
  • Plantation:

    About 2194 plants of 18 different varieties like Ayurvedic medical plants, fruit bearing plants, flowering plants are planted.

    Some are: Royal Palm, Millingtonia, Basavana Pada, Rain Tree, Ashoka, Pink Trumpet, Lavender trumpet, Neem, Kadamba, Badami, Muthunga, Honge, Parijatha etc.,

    Sewage Treatment Plant:

    We understand that your sewage treatment needs are both unique and of the highest priority. The latest Biotechnology based form of sewage treatment plant is offered, wherein microbes or enzymes are fed to dissolve the sludge residing in energy efficient method of treatment. This is to ensure flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

    Precast Stormwater Detention Vault:

    "This type of stormwater drain is first and one of its kind in mysore."

    A stormwater detention vault is an underground structure designed to manage excess stormwater runoff on a developed site, often in an urban setting. This type of best management practice may be selected when there is insufficient space on the site to infiltrate the runoff or build a surface facility such as a detention basin or retention basin.

    Rain water harvesting:

    We have incorporated "GO GREEN" concept and have preserved the natural water bodies in the layout by adopting RAIN WATER HARVESTING technique.